Nardie Cemetery

Nardie Cemetary.jpg

The Nardie Cemetery (Nardie meaning "Riverbank") was the first cemetery(PDF, 370KB) in the Toodyay area, being officially established in 1839, gazetted in 1857 and not consecrated until June 1867. It has significant associations with the Reverend Harper and the Anglican Church, although no church ever stood on this site. It is a significant historical record of the settlers of the Nardie and Toodyay area in the later half of the nineteenth century.

There are 42 burials in the Nardie Cemetery, the first interred being the infant daughter of Charles Harper in 1839. With the passing of Mary Whitfield in 1844 and Mrs McKnoe in 1857, they were also laid to rest at Nardie. In April 1858 the local Blacksmith, Alexander Ferguson was also buried but when Lionel Lukin of Deepdale passed, the river was running too high, and Mr Lukin was interred on his own property.

Nardie Cemetery can be accessed off the Northam-Toodyay Rd and by passing through the cemetery towards the river, you will find yourself at the start of the Bilya Walk Track.