Rugged Hills Nature Reserve

Rugged Hills.jpg

Department of Parks and Wildlife

Area - 260 ha

Access to this reserve is via Ridley Circle or Davies Road. The perimeter walk is approx. 8 kms but you can shorten it by taking the fire break that runs through the middle of the reserve.


There are some steep hills but beautiful views, especially from the eastern end of the northern boundary.

Varied vegetation with Wandoo, Jarrah and Marri. Lots of wildflowers in spring. Plenty of bird life and a good chance of seeing the elusive Black-Gloved Wallaby and Euro.

Lovely picnic spots.

A local hiker, Heather Mcnamara, has kindly shared her experiences on the trail:  Relive 'Rugged Hill - Hike 1 - Ridley Circle entrance'



Wildflowers sighted in 2019