Bilya (Noongar - River) Walk Track

Bilya Walk Track.jpg

Created by the Toodyay Friends of the River this marked and signposted walk track follows the western bank of the Avon River for 5.6km from Duidgee Park to the Nardie pioneer cemetery. Follow the orange markers as the track passes many features of interest.

It is the best way to access river viewpoints, especially at Avon Descent time.


Picnic facilities and seating have been installed along the way. Allow at least 2 hours one way. Conditions may vary according to the season.

The John Pyle Walk Track extends from the Bilya Track towards the west from Duidgee Park. The track starts at the Miniature Railway carpark approx 1km, ending at the Toodyay Caravan Park.

A detailed brochure is available here(PDF, 504KB) or from the Visitor Centre.

A local hiker, Heather Mcnamara, has kindly shared her experiences on the trail: Relive 'Bilya Walk Track - Duidgee Park to Nardie Cemetery - Shire of Toodyay'



Trail Map(PDF, 504KB)