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Connor's Mill
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Connor's Mill

Corner of Stirling Terrace and Piesse Street, Toodyay, WA, 6566, Australia

Connor's Mill, located on Stirling Terrace, is an icon of Toodyay and the legacy of one of the town's most prominent businessmen, Daniel Connor. It is testimony to Toodyay's busy agricultural industry during the developing years. Connor's Mill, with its historic machinery, demonstrates for visitors the process of turning wheat into flour. It retells the stories of the many families whose lives revolved around this grand convict era building.

The triple-storey and brick mill was constructed 1870 and owned by land owner and businessman Daniel Connor from this time until 1898. The building operated as a steam-powered flour mill for around 50 years before being converted to a power house in the 1920s.

Today, this museum displays working historic machinery and an interpretative display of the mill's operations and life.

Location: Corner of Stirling Terrace and Piesse Street, Toodyay

Connor's Mill will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.

Opening Times*:

7 days a week: 9am - 3.45 pm

Admission Fees: **

Adults: $3.00

Family pass: (2 adults, 2 children): $10.00


Enquiries and Bookings:

Tel: +61 08 9 5749380

Fax: +61 08 9 5742431

Guided tour can be provided (minimum 10 people) on weekdays at no extra charge however prior booking (minimum 48 hrs) essential.

Directions: Located next to the Visitor Centre, corner Stirling Terrace and Piesse Street. Entry through the Visitor Information Centre.

Location Map