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Bee Happy Apiaries
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Bee Happy Apiaries

63 Sandplain Road, Toodyay

BEE HAPPY NOW HAS A RETAIL OUTLET IN TOODYAY TOWNSITE!located in Stirling Terrace (Old Post Office).Opening hours 10am-4pm. Bee Happy Farm (Sandplain Road) will be closed until further notice. Honey and beeswax products also available at the Toodyay Visitor Centre.

Set amongst the natural bush, this existing wild flower property sells organic honey, candles, bees wax and beautiful wild flowers. Bee Happy® Apiaries have Organic Certification with NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia Limited). We produce certified organic honey as well as conventional honey both of which are available in 1kg and 3kg pails and 14kg buckets. When available, we also produce comb honey which is packaged in punnets and can be bought through our suppliers or via our online Order Form. Our high quality Bee Happy® Beeswax is also available as either conventional or organic beeswax and is poured to your requested weight. Our 100% natural quality Bee Happy® Honey and Beeswax can be purchased from all of our suppliers or via our online Order Form. Some honey varieties may be limited, depending on the time of year. Bee Happy® Beeswax Beeswax is sweated out form the segments of the bees abdomen. They use this to construct comb for which they live in & store the honey. Colin then extracts the beeswax from the honey & refines it to an export quality. Bee Happy® Beeswax is available to you in measured weights of 30gm, 1kg or 10kg blocks. Bee Happy® Certified Organic Pollen Bee Happy® Pollen is a natural source of high protein, low fat that contains essential fatty acids and a complete range of minerals and vitamins. It's nature's growth and maintenance supplement. Pollen is a good energy booster as is high in protein and is commonly used by hay fever sufferers to cure sinus problems, as well as helping people with a debilitating illness who are having problems recovering

Tel: 9574 2857

Toodyay was the first town in Western Australia to produce honey. This amazing property produces exquisite organic honey, bee pollen, bees wax candles, bees wax for your saddles, boots or surf boards.

Directions: Retail outlet located on Stirling Terrace, Toodyay (Old Post Office)
Our Opening Hours are Retail outlet: 10 am-4pm.
Latest News
We will be closed from Christmas Day thru to February 1st.

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