Avon Historic Tourist Drive


The "Avon Drive" was the original route between settlements of Toodyay, Northam, York and Beverley. 

This route is signposted with the brown & white "Avon Drive" signage.

Your journey commences at Toodyay town site, via Stirling Terrace heading South towards Midland. After passing "James Cottage" on your left turn left onto the Northam-Toodyay Road. Approx 10kms from the Northam turnoff, turn left onto Katrine Rd to continue your historic drive towards Northam.

The drive will take you past "Morby Cottage" just before entering the Northam town site. Morby Cottage is open to the public on Sundays between 11am-3pm.

From Northam, depending on your travel plans, you can continue through Northam towards York, follow the Great Eastern Hwy leading you back to Perth or connect back onto the Northam-Toodyay Rd to bring you back into the Toodyay town site. Alternatively from Morby Cottage driving away from Northam, continue along Irishtown Rd to catch a glimpse of all that remains of the town - "Irishtown" - after crossing the bridge, a left turn down Dumbarton Rd will take you past some more historical areas on your way back to Toodyay.

A guided brochure of this drive is available here(PDF, 669KB) or from the Toodyay Visitor Centre.