Clackline Valley Olives


Historically, the dove with an olive branch first appears in the biblical story of Noah. This symbol has conveyed the meaning of hope, peace and prosperity since that time. These are the ingredients for a safe and happy world today.

We hope that our olive oil will bring goodwill to all who partake of it.

Clackline Valley Olive grove has more than 800 trees including Frantoio, Manzanillo, S.A. Verdale, Kalamata, Lechino, Zeus and Corregiolo. The olive oil is available to purchase from the Toodyay Visitor Centre, Northam Visitor Centre or at the Northam Markets, first Saturday of the month from February.

Our oil reflects the granite sub-soils of the district, displaying a fine gold colour, an aroma of fresh fruit and a rich taste. This oil is the perfect compliment to any pasta dish, fresh or cooked vegetables, pan or roasted meats, barbeques, chicken, fish and crusty bread or toast.

Unfiltered oil sometimes retains particle residue of the pressing process. Therefore it is possible to see deposits in the bottle after it leaves our care despite the earlier natural settling period. These deposits are like the dregs found in fine wines and are not at all harmful to the consumer or detrimental to the oil.

Our oil does not have an expiry date. It is best consumed within two years of the harvest, but it will remain usable long after that.

Bruce and Maree Duncan on 9574 0410 if you wish to visit the olive grove.